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The team did an exceptional job with my lawn, and it looks better than ever. From mowing to trimming to clearing debris from my drive, sidewalk, and back patio - everything was done flawlessly. The major backyard clearing and mulching were also beyond satisfactory.

  • Kaila

I am extremely satisfied with the gardeners' work on my yard and bushes. They were punctual, reliable, efficient, thorough, and friendly every week.

  • Scott Weller

I can't stop raving about this gardening service! They are simply the best, leaving everything looking stunning after their work is done. No more worrying about sweeping my porch after the lawn guys are gone. They truly go above and beyond by detailing any extra tasks and their corresponding prices.

  • Elizabeth T.

It's been a little over a year since I first hired Gardeners Bayswater for my gardening requirements, and they have consistently provided exceptional service ever since. From maintaining my borders to cutting the grass, their reliability and skill is unmatched. Highly recommended.

  • Charles B.

Friendly and considerate as ever before, accomplished a remarkable job once more, arranged for continuous services to be provided by them.

  • Steff Barrett

This gardener has done wonders for my gardens - his hard work and dedication are evident in every blade of grass.

  • Martin H.

Brilliant, arrived as per their commitment, top-notch pre-appointment communication. Ecstatic about how it turned out and planned for monthly upkeep.

  • Chelsea

Supreme dedication to their workmanship, the paving looks perfect and the team is pleasant to deal with. I highly suggest them for any paving project. Extremely delighted with their work!

  • Sarah J.

Our prior collaboration with Bayswater Gardeners left us extremely satisfied and confident that they were the perfect choice for carrying out extra paving work in our back garden. We highly recommend their services.

  • Fiona S.

Despite any challenges they faced, they remained focused and delivered an impeccable final product.

  • San Rija

Our garden wouldn't look as stunning without the effort put in by these talented individuals.

  • Jacob Oliver

They delivered flawless work within the specified timeframe, exceeding our expectations and causing minimal disturbance.

  • Morris E.

Impeccable affordability without sacrificing quality from their unbeatable-priced gardening services.The entire transaction went seamlessly with excellent communications every step of the way.

  • Bob Seymour

Easy to employ, got the job done quickly and on schedule.

  • P. Kelly

We were delighted with our dealings with this company - they treated us professionally at all times. Unreserved thanks!

  • Liam Riley

Their hard-working landscaping crew worked tirelessly for me and were on the ball from the onset. They turned around the state of my garden and got it looking glorious again.

  • Kane D

Sincere appreciation for all of the staff members' brilliant job. The wild flower garden has been completely transformed for the better. Every single individual on the team was cordial, vigorous and had a lot of advice to share.

  • Tim Hempton

Working with Gardening Designers Bayswater exhibited total professionalism, as well as a swiftness and affordability that I found impressive. Interaction with them was also superb - I certainly suggest them to everyone!

  • Evans

Of all the landscaping companies out there, Gardeners Bayswater stands out to me due to their dedication to green practices and sustainable garden care.

  • Dan Westwood

Gardening Services Bayswater really outdid themselves with this service I received - great quality of workmanship and careful attention to detail! Nothing was too difficult for them, and the garden looks even better than before. Appreciate it.

  • Alicia Smith

The two workers that completed the gardening task were hardworking and pleasant. I'm satisfied with the outcomes, and I'd gladly suggest Gardening Services Bayswater to any of my friends.

  • Maureen H.

I highly recommend GardenersBayswater if you need tree surgery after they cleared my garden of a few trees that were blocking the light from my garden.

  • Timothy Staton

These gardeners are terrific. They do all of my lawn care, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and they do excellent work. Awesome crew.

  • G. Laredo

Their gardeners always deliver, regardless of how messy the garden is or how dire the situation may be. Lawn Care Service Bayswater always do what's required and do so to a high standard.

  • Craig H.

I received a professional garden care service at a cheap price from Gardeners Bayswater. It was just perfect in every which way.

  • Heather K.

I called Gardening Designers Bayswater, detailed all the work I needed doing, they gave me a quick quote which I accepted, and everything went smoothly from there. They provided a great gardening service, one I'm not going to forget in a hurry.

  • Jessica G.

I've been let down by another gardening company in the past. Thankfully I can rely on Bayswater Gardeners. I've enjoyed welcoming their dependable experts to my garden a number of times. It's always a great occasion, because I can look forward to a terrific job.

  • K. Oliver

Bayswater Gardeners are a cheap, reliable and efficient gardening company, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for help with gardening.

  • Tom Chiverton

Contact Bayswater Gardeners for some help with lawn care. They were really great to work with, very reasonable prices, super nice crew! They are high on my list for future projects!

  • Jessica Ward

I am really pleased with the work that Lawn Care Service Bayswater did on our gardens. They did all the garden design and all the work for a fantastically low amount of money. Very happy.

  • Peter Espley

Gardening Services Bayswater gave a new meaning to landscaping, they completely transformed the outside of my home and with their prices I have no reason to use any other company.

  • D. Tanner

Lawn Care Service Bayswater did the best job ever for my garden. Best gardening service I ever used. Will call again!

  • Fred Williams

I would fully recommend the gardeners at Gardening Designers Bayswater for tree surgery. I was hesitant to use them at first because I'd been with the same company for years, but they did a much better job at a much cheaper price. It was very quick to book with them, the price quote I was given was very accurate and the job was done swiftly and professionally. Next time my trees need tending to this is the company I'll call!

  • Dennis

I have used Gardening Designers Bayswater's service for garden clearance. They are a friendly team of professionals who keep you updated about the whole process. First they examined the garden, then the price was discussed, and after that work was started immediately. The whole process was very well managed and organized. I'm very satisfied.

  • William R.

The quote from Lawn Care Service Bayswater was far lower than prices I was given from other companies when looking for a team to take care of my garden clearance requirements, so I went ahead and hired their team. I was worried that since the price was so low they might deliver a substandard service, but the team that showed up soon put my worries to bed. They worked quickly and efficiently and my garden now looks tidy and is a safe place for my kids to enjoy. Thank you to everyone involved!

  • Ashley Morrison

When you have kids, there's never much free time left. I can just about do the domestic chores, let alone gardening. That is why I hired GardenersBayswater a few days back for lawn maintenance. They keep on top of it for me and keep the lawn looking good, without me having to do a thing. It's great!

  • Millie Brewer

The branches on my trees were getting far too long. They were almost reaching into the upper windows! I didn't feel that I would be able to safely get these upper branches cut and my wife was adamant we called in professionals. Gardening Services Bayswater were who we called and they were great help. They not only had all the branches cleanly cut but took every safety measure too. The job could never have gone this well if I did it myself.

  • A. Planter

GardenersBayswater is a company that I have been hiring for a little over four months now and during this time I can honestly say that I have not experienced any issues with them. They are fast at what they do, reliable, efficient and affordable. Their services do not cost the earth and I think that they also have an excellent team of staff. I am overall very happy with their services and company as a whole!

  • Steven Carlson

A great gardening service. The booking process was simple and the work carried out in my garden was top notch. An extremely reliable and efficient bunch of expert gardeners. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gardening Designers Bayswater to anyone in need of a top class gardening service.

  • Johny Davidson

I had never called a tree surgery firm before but I needed immediate attention for my garden. Some of my trees needed to be trimmed and taken care of. I wasn't sure who to call until my friend recommend Lawn Care Service Bayswater. After getting in touch with them I could see why my friend had given me their number. I found myself getting help from professionals who knew their stuff. I had a tree surgeon at my address by the end of the week and all my trees were seen to. My garden is looking neater and is healthier than ever, thank to the excellent work they did for me.

  • Gino D.

In the last five years we have never had to worry about our garden. Gardening Designers Bayswater takes care of our garden on a regular basis, taking a huge responsibility off our shoulders. I don't need to give them reminder calls; they are here on time week after week. They have designed the patio as well as the backyard hedge. It was their idea to have a fountain which has enhanced the look of our garden. Superb team, skilled workmanship and innovative to the core!

  • David B.

I've never been great or even particularly liked gardening. So it was a relief to hear about Gardeners Bayswater, whose services had been enjoyed by a neighbour of mine. I went around to check out their work and was so delighted at the prospect of getting the same treatment carried out to my garden, that I booked them straight away. I wasn't disappointed, and I now have a garden which looks great and is easy to maintain, so even I might consider doing some gardening in the future!

  • Michael

I always thought landscape gardening cost an arm and a leg. I just called Gardeners Bayswater on a whim and expected them to be so expensive that it wouldn't be worth it to me. I was so wrong because their prices are so reasonable that I knew I couldn't go wrong. The professional landscape gardener they sent was a really courteous and experienced chap who made such a good job, I've hired him for keeps now!

  • P. Arain

Lawn mowing and leaf clearance are part of the excellent services being offered by Lawn Care Service Bayswater. I can now enjoy my garden every evening without spending hours maintaining it. I really appreciate your excellent service and have been recommending you to all my friends in the area. Thank you once again.

  • Jan F.

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